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DBT informed art therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT for short) is a very powerful evidence based psychotherapy intervention especially when integrated  with  artmaking  to facilitate the expression of emotions without the use of words. 

Inside/Outside directive with adolescents

suffering with depression and anxiety.

Emotions in painting, a group project: "Beyond Emotions"
87040234_1044982059210981_554293081764003840_n (1).jpg
87020816_2667288409991031_2852135713661517824_n (1).jpg

"Beyond Emotions" a collaborative show that was exhibited at a Library in Las Vegas, Nevada in the Spring of 2020 with the work of psychiatric patients, who worked on this project for a year. Each painting depicted an emotion and 8-10 patients worked as a group adding details  and different media according to how they identified with each emotion. 

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