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Painting with Light

The research I started back at the end of February of this year has been such a wonderful journey. Painting in Virtual Reality is to me like standing in an immersive sacred space where you create the paintings of your soul at that moment in time that gives you a sense of empowerment, a sense of control not experienced by any other way of expression. Painting with light heals and expands yourself in many levels, physically and spiritually. This is what I am trying to prove. It is a very difficult experience to explain in words. The one word we can all accept is immersive, but being it that each person will experience this immersion in different ways, the experience itself cannot be described entirely with words. This is why I decided to share the virtual images and I took many video clips of these images to grasp a sense of my experience, and from the creative experience develop a narrative for all to see and hear. I also created music inspired by these images.

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